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Presentation Submittal

The Tennessee Recycling Coalition in partnership with the Annual Environment, Recycling, and Energy Conference held in Gatlinburg August 23-25th 2023, would like to extend an invitation for presentation submittals. Each year our conference features several different tracts for attendees to expand their education and training on desired topics.  This year we are looking for experienced professionals to talk about what you are doing in recycling, share new technology, or train on recycling education, equipment, processes, or leadership.

Please submit your paper and desire to speak through the form below by April 1.   Speakers are given complimentary admission to the conference including the meals and events, travel and lodging is not included.


Presentation time slots are 25 minutes.

In the form fields below, you may also post a link to Dropbox or Google Docs for your topic brief description and topic summary.

Presentation Submission Form

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